The art of executing a strategy – and why many fail

Katarina Bennich, Chief Marketing Officer at Howwe Technologies, about the art of successfully executing a strategy

Companies often spend a lot of time developing a strategy but significantly less time implementing it. As a result, the goals in the strategy are rarely achieved. You’ve probably heard it more than once: “A mediocre strategy well executed is better than a brilliant strategy poorly executed.” You might even have said it yourself to […]

Unlocking the Power of Cross-Functional Collaboration: A Template for Cross-Functional Leaders to Improve Transparency and Drive Better Outcomes

Cross-functional collaboration is the process of bringing together individuals from different functional areas of an organization to work together towards a common goal. It is an essential element for success in many organizations, But as anyone who has ever been part or led a cross-functional collaborations – it is very cumbersome. However, with the right […]

Concept Dictionary for the Howwe Way of Working

Howwe is a way of working to make your strategy and business plan come alive, facilitated by an application. Changing the way you work and adopting the Howwe Way of Working takes some commitment, but in combination with our application, knowing what to do each week becomes easy. In short, Howwe helps you and your […]

Affärsinnovationen som förändrar hur bolag arbetar

Med sin SaaS-lösning för målstyrning vill de revolutionera hur världens största bolag arbetar från grunden, och de har redan kommit en bra bit på vägen mot sitt mål. Affärsinnovationen Howwe är snart en självklarhet för varje vd.

Motivation och förändring i det nya normala

Det nya ‘normala’ arbetslivet präglas av flexibilitet och ett hybridkontor, där man som arbetsgivare står inför utmaningen att motivera och engagera medarbetare på distans samtidigt som kraven på att uppnå målen är lika stora, om inte större.