Interview Marvin Liljegren, manager ICA-byrån

ICA pressbilder porträtt Marvin Liljegren

How does ICA work agile today? There is a switch to agile working at ICA today where large parts of the organization are involved. As a company, we have to be able to readjust our operations fast if needed, in order to keep up with society. You have been part of driving an agile journey […]

Product feature launch: Alignment

Johan Sundell, Head of Insights, about the launch of the Alignment feature

With the new Alignment feature, creating a relationship between the MIGs, users get an immediate understanding of how prioritizations that have been made really align and perform. “MIGs are the essence of high-level progress and to then collect everything in one view becomes incredibly powerful”, Johan Sundell, Head of Insights at Howwe Technologies explains.

The CEO’s Must-Have Tool to Achieve Business Goals

Why are you running, Johan Grönstedt, CPO, Howwe Technologies

Your life as a CEO will be a lot easier if you make sure you are equipped to drive your projects before you start executing them. 89% of organizations don’t have an application for implementing and executing the business plan.