3. Agreement & Limited risk

Revenue and profit enhancement

1 3. Agreement & Limited risk proactive commitments
2 3. Agreement & Limited risk proactive commitments
3 3. Agreement & Limited risk proactive commitments
4 3. Agreement & Limited risk proactive commitments


The agreement includes provable acceleration and financial results according to a pre-made business case. You have the right, prior to signing the agreement, to talk to some of our customer’s CEOs, and take part in all the testimonials and measurable business cases available from our customers’ CEOs.

Churn was 0 (zero) between September 2019 and September 2021, which is a great testimony of the business value Howwe brings to its customers, as well as the employees who appreciate the benefits of the application.

Our standard agreement contains

    • Price based on volume. Price per month based on # of managers and # of employees.
    • Includes a pre-made business case. For example, improved profit within 36 months, broken down into increased profit within 6 months, broken down into “accelerated activities versus historic per employee and team” within one month and per week.
        • Howwe guarantees at least 30% acceleration of those activities, which is measurable for each team and employee in Howwe.
    • For the first 6 months: You have the right to terminate the agreement after each month and not pay for that month. Then you or Howwe Technologies have no further obligations.

    • Demands, Terms and Conditions:
      • You as the CEO or an internal business project leader or your business consultants will sign the onboarding document and be responsible for creating buy-in, pull and “what’s in it for me”. Howwe’s consultants will act as back-end consultants.
      • The organization uses Howwe as intended (meaning each senior leader, such as CFO or Head of Sales, is really using this business-critical application).
      • Teams complete a minimum of 75% of the weekly 15-minute Acceleration meetings
    • After 6 months: 9 months rolling termination.


    Howwe is an off-the-shelve enterprise application, meaning teams can be set up without the need for customization. This shortens the calendar time for financial improvements.

    • Having for example 15,000 users up and running in Howwe takes minutes.
    • CEO and Management are up and running after a two-hour workshop and education. They (Level 1 & 2) ‘live’ in Howwe and conduct weekly Acceleration Meetings. 
    • Level 3 starts the following week, and beyond that, each level is onboarded based on the customer’s culture and the sense of urgency to achieve the accelerated execution, i.e., to achieve for example improved profit.
    • Howwe’s definition of onboarding means to get 15,000 users to understand “Why”: understand what the CEO wants to focus on, why this is so important, “how this is actionable for me”, “what’s in it for me” and create “pull”. A company goal, or an application, that is only good for the CEO and management will not be enough to get the whole organization motivated and eager to improve according to the strategy. Howwe includes proactive support and role-based insights from 10,000+ teams for the CEO, managers, team leaders, and employees.
    • Even if for example all executives in the initial workshop agree to the time schedule, prioritize increased profit as “Most Important” and employees are in Howwe with all needed data (takes minutes), We often find that 1-2 persons on each level prioritize something else. That’s why we recommend the customer to have an internal project leader or consultants who help the CEO with creating “pull”.

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