2. One example & measurable business case


1 2. One example & measurable business case proactive commitments
2 2. One example & measurable business case proactive commitments
3 2. One example & measurable business case proactive commitments
4 2. One example & measurable business case proactive commitments


Howwe is the CEO’s and management teams’ application to accelerate, steer, follow up and execute on what the CEO and Board of Directors are measured on. Before Howwe, the CEO did not have a business application for proactive execution.

Using Howwe, you can:

  • Anchor, engage and measure the complete execution process, making sure your financial goals are achieved according to plan
  • Ensure that the entire company commits and accelerates its focus on what you have decided is most important
  • Make that shift in focus happen throughout the entire company in only 1-2 weeks
Howwe dashboard creates an immediate overview and transparency of the organization' progress towards the goals.

The CEO and management team decide the strategy, business plan, or Most Important (highest-value work).

  • That is the input into Howwe and Howwe will enable Prioritization, Focus, Dashboard, and Proactive insights.
  • Howwe transforms the strategy, which is typically both too complex and too high-level, into role-based Most Important Goals and connected high-impact Key Activities making strategy clear and actionable for all.
  • Shortened calendar time until each manager and employee is accelerating Best Practices (Key Activities) needed for successful execution of Most Important.
  • Measurable, transparent, and connected to a pre-made business case, not only for the CEO but also for 70% percent of all departments and teams.

One team (Team leader and employees)

  • Before Howwe, employees did not have one application including why, what, how, motivation, help with prioritization, and no role-based business help and insights.
  • Howwe helps the employee to focus both on the day-to-day operation (in other existing applications) and what the CEO has decided is Most Important tomorrow.
  • Each department has different roles where each role normally is good in doing the day-to-day work, but not everyone is excellent in Best Practice. The company’s revenue and profit will improve if each team improves:
    a) the percentage of employees that can do Best Practice
    b) the whole team makes more Best Practices (includes role-based behavior change and will change per month or quarter)
  • Howwe is not only measuring the company’s financial improvement but also how much Best Practices (Key Activities) are improving. By accelerating, steering, and follow-up on Key Activities, the company will improve its financial results.


Howwe® shortens the calendar time from the time the CEO and management have decided “the most important” until their employees understand, can act and accelerate the most important activities based on what the CEO and management have decided should be achieved.



Your company’s most important initiative can be many things;

Increase market share | Increase revenue | Get higher up in the value chain | Improve relative corporate valuation | Increase correct M&A’s with faster operational integrations | Secure growth in a certain market segment/region

To simplify understanding, this case study is about only one of the bank’s initiatives: Increased Profit.

We have customers and references in most markets and sectors and the companies that use Howwe® drive several parallel Most Important Goals.


  • Bank in 8 countries, 3,100 employees, and 390 departments
  • Measurable and provable increased profit from 4% to 10%
    (+145 % or +$104M), whereof from 4% to 6,2% within 8 months.
  • Achieved in an unusually short calendar time
  • The eNPS (Employee Satisfaction Scores) is also increasing
    while time is being freed up within the organization

The bank failed with its strategy execution for several years.
They were losing market share while profit was only around 4% for several years.

CEO and management decided what is Most Important
Goal: Increase Profit from 4% on June 2016 to 10% before July 2019


Case study of a bank 1 2. One example & measurable business case proactive commitments


Pre-made business case by the CEO and management team

  • The strategic goal of 10% profit by end of 2019 was shortened to 6,2 % before July 2017
  • The CEO and management team prioritized the Most Important Goal before June 1, 2016, and entered the data into Howwe. Orange line = Goal
    Gray line= Historic performance
    Blue line = Actual progress


3,100 employees and 245 teams also have a pre-made business case, but their goals and Best Practice (Key Activities) will be changed per month or quarter

Namnlös design 32 2. One example & measurable business case proactive commitments
Business case for most teams 2. One example & measurable business case proactive commitments


1 of 245 teams : 1 team leader and 6 employees

  • Employees focus daily and weekly on the Key Activities they have committed to
  • Unique for Howwe is that it integrates and aggregates the Key Activities to Most Important Goal and the financial measurable business case.
  • This is done per department, and aggregated up to the company’s Most Important Goal and financial business case
  • Gray doted line is Historic, Orange is what the team decided in the beginning of the month, quarter or semester and blue is actuals
  • Best Practice ≈ Key Activities. If more employees in this team can do Best Practice or if all employees can do more, more correct or shorten the calendar time, the team will improve the company’s profit.

The agreement includes a pre-made business case (Most Important Goals and Key Activities) and is measurable per week or month. The customer pays at the end of each month only if the agreed acceleration is above +30% versus Historic and agreed. Please see section
3. Agreement & Limited Risk.

Howwe® – A Business-critical Enterprise Execution Application

CEO 2. One example & measurable business case proactive commitments


  • Including the entire organization’s improvement of Most Important Goals, Key Activities, and financial improvements versus plan and Historic.
  • No clutter and very easy to use, used only for accelerated execution of Most Important Goals, the strategy, and business plan.
  • Transparency releases organizational power but is decided by each customer
  • Key Activities (Best Practice per role), progress, and financial results are aggregated.
employees large 2. One example & measurable business case proactive commitments


  • Each team has its pre-made business case and needed improvements of Key Activities for achieving the goal.
    Commits per month or quarter and then broken down to weekly commitments and goals.
  • Time to start the weekly 15-minutes Acceleration Meeting. Impossible to fail, Howwe guides each manager and if the team is delayed versus planned, it will proactively suggest needed improvements.
Howwe Insights 2. One example & measurable business case proactive commitments


  • A true business-critical application only for Enterprise execution. No other similar application has as much business support built into the application. Howwe includes know-how, Best Practice, and proactive advice from 10,000+ teams.
  • Proactive insights for how to become a better manager or role-based proactive support for how to improve Best Practices.
  • Proactive advice and reminders if execution is behind what’s agreed and committed.

Some good advice based on 10+ years of experience

  • Don’t delegate the evaluation of Howwe. Howwe is for you, as the CEO, and what you are measured on. Howwe solves your business challenge in a measurable and provable way. Someone in your organization may be very good in Excel, IT, or a project application, but are your business challenges being solved?
  • If you are currently struggling with a reorganization, merger, strategy, or business plan, you will save 3-18 months by involving us before you continue. After that, you will never act and work as before. You will agree that time is freed up from executives, management, and employees and that you are moving much faster from idea until all are accelerating what you have decided as Most Important or as the strategy/plan.

Call us and we will ensure you will be able to talk with other CEOs that are Howwe customers.

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