1. Howwe Summary


1 1. Howwe Summary proactive commitments
2 1. Howwe Summary proactive commitments
3 1. Howwe Summary proactive commitments
4 1. Howwe Summary proactive commitments

More than 90% of all companies delay or fail to execute their strategies. The calendar time it takes until all managers and employees start to accelerate needed activities is too long. Companies are using Excel spreadsheets or no application at all to focus, accelerate, and measure enterprise and cross -functional strategy execution. Commonly, activities, calendar time, and improvements are not measurable or connected to the top and bottom lines.

Delayed alignment and execution means delayed financial improvements and that the strategy’s financial goals will not be reached in time. Howwe® is the execution application to solve this challenge. 


The CEO and the management team have defined a vision and have done the strategy or the business plan including objectives. They have decided on the Most Important or highest-value work, e.g., increased revenue, profit and/or shareholder value which includes some sort of behavior change and organizational transformation.

Howwe® is the execution application achieving these positive changes.

  • Within two weeks the CEO and  managers will be aligned, prioritizing and accelerating effective activities.
  • Six weeks in, 3,000+ employees will prioritize and accelerate needed activities (3 months for 15,000 employees).
  • Howwe gives you transparent and measurable acceleration of needed activities per employee, team and manager. You can also compare how each employee and manager contributes to what you have decided as Most Important.
  • The enterprise execution of ‘Most Important’ is measurable and connected to top and bottom line according to a pre-made business case selected by the CEO and C-Suite members. 

Examples of Advantages



for all levels and roles of the organization, unleashing your full potential for growth.



ROI is in average 20 x the investment already within the first 12 months.



The application is custom-made and requires no technical integrations and includes all needed business support for fast and successful enterprise execution.



If you change Most Important based on a new goal or disruption, it will take max. 2 weeks until the entire organization is focusing and accelerating on new direction.



Employees can understand Why, What and How directly from you and the application.

How it works

  • Dashboard, easy to use and done for mid-size and large organizations. Top down
    and including all employees (bottom up)
  • Transform the strategy, typically both too complex and too high-level, into role-based Most Important Goals and connected high-impact Key Activities, making the strategy clear and actionable for all
  • Anchor, engage and measure the complete execution process, making sure your financial goals are achieved according to plan
  • Ensures that the entire company commits and accelerates its focus on what you
    have decided is most important. 
  • Shorten calendar time until each manager and employee is accelerating Best Practice (Key Activities). In each team more employees will do Best Practice, or all will do more of Best Practices (behavior change)
  • Proactive AI business support and insights from 10,000 + teams for the CEO, managers, team leaders and employees
Dashboard - MIG

Areas of use | Examples of Most Important

  • Increased revenue and profit according to what the CEO and management have decided. Includes departmental focus, prioritizations and initiatives.
  • Accelerated execution of the strategy and business plan
  • Maintain or quickly change focus due to internal or external disruption (supply changes, Covid19, market changes etc.)
  • Business OKR (Objective Key Results) but for the whole company
  • Increase eNPS (Employee Satisfaction Scores) and C-SAT

Focus, acceleration and continuous improvement even if remote work or a large spread-out organization

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